Monday, December 29, 2014


This is the story of one heartless bitch.

They said she has no heart.
Her heart was frozen.
She sworn she'll never use her heart again.
From that moment, she'll use her logic.

Things went pretty great for her.
Nothing could ever touch her heart.
And she's happy.
Nothing could ever hurt her.

But one day, someone came.
He treated her like a princess.
And she thought, well this seems nice.
So she let him to stay in her life, but not her heart.

But things changed.
Funny how she could attracted to every little thing he give to her.
Even the jerkiest thing he did.
And she still hasn't open her heart yet.

They told her, don't overthink the relationship.
Even the boy also told that to her. 
Just enjoy the ride.
But she can't.

She overthinks because she's scared.
Scared that her heart would involved and ruin everything.
She always use her brain to decide.
But it really tires her.

But for how long could she avoid it?
So her heart started to involved.
And for a brief moment, everything seems okay.
She started to love him.

The moment she start using her heart is the moment everything's collided.
And at this moment, she's way too tired to tell anyone.
So she decided that, she'll follow her heart.
For once.

She has no idea what would happened.
And she know she'll get hurt again.
And now, she hopes for the best.

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